I went from daily drinking and overuse

of anxiety medication to living a sober,

fun and a happy life that I love.

My path to long-term recovery began when my heart and soul was ready for the openness, honesty, and willingness necessary to learn a new mindset.

Starting, building & mastering a healthy, sustainable sober life takes equal parts of self-compassion, hard work, and perseverance.


Trust me, if I can do it, you can too!


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This is my Journey

Took my last drink & Benzodiazepine

After 20 years of drinking and numbing, and years of trying to stop on my own, I checked myself into residential treatment at the age of 46.

Learned how to live sober.

From that 2nd week of treatment in 2010, when my mind began to clear and for each day following, I learned a new way of being in the world and  began having a more compassionate & different relationship with myself.

Started Graduate School...at 48:-)

I immersed myself in the study of addiction, mental disorders, the brain and our bodies and began working with clients at Hazelden Betty Ford.

Learned How I wanted to Practice

I was able to learn about the many theories associated with recovery and mental health treatment and practice teaching them to people.  This helped me determine which aspects of each worked and did not work for most of my clients.

Became a licensed alcohol & Drug Counselor

During this time I was able to work at a unique and exclusive treatment center in Zurich Switzerland and  complete the education portion of my advance Mental Health/Dual Diagnosis Masters Degree.

Began two years of supervised work to become a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Intensive, instructional discussion of client cases two hours a week for two years while working with clients one to one and in groups at a Hazelden Betty Ford Outpatient Clinic.

Began Supervising & Mentoring other Counselors

A wonderful program at Hazelden which assigns graduate students to work and collaborate with counselors.  I learned a great deal about how to teach and learn during this time.

Obtained my mental health Counseling License and began my private practice

Desire for a warmer climate and my own business prompted a move to lovely Georgia were I opened my private counseling practice in May 2017

Launched SoberSoul Recovery

Once my private practice was up and running, and after months of observing and listening to the online recovery community, I introduced SoberSoul Recovery to fill the void of providing competent online coaching and education provided by a licensed and trained addiction professional.

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