The following is an excerpt from the “Start” section (for those beginning their journey) on my upcoming SoberSoul Membership Site. 


SoberSoul Recovery, “The Club”:  Coming May 2018

Have I mentioned recently how grateful I am to be sober?  If you would have told me 20 years ago that those words would even occur to me, much less be typed by me, well, I would have laughed and poured another glass of wine!

What if you could feel like the reason you are here, reading a blog about recovery is not only good but fantastic?  A personal adventure,  working toward figuring out if alcohol and/or drugs are going to be part of your future or not?  That likely sounds weird and kinda silly, I get it!  Yet, I hope because you are here, you are ready to do some exploration.  That’s all that is required, for you to try to relax into some self-examination.  We will take it slow, and I will offer you tools to help you with the rough spells.  Sometimes I will use well-worn statements and sayings from various self-help support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Smart Recovery, and others. Mainly, because they actually make good sense and have proven valuable to me and my clients even though I still get annoyed when I’m able to recite them!  I don’t like sayings or acronyms!  So, here’s a combo that seems to help people through the first few weeks.  H.O.W…Honesty, Openness, and Willingness.  Honesty with yourself and others about what you are thinking and feeling, being open to observing what is actually motivating or “underneath” that feeling and willingness to try something different to get to the other side of the feeling, to experience relief without using a substance.  Simple?  Of course not, that’s why you and I are here together!

So, here is how I break things down:

What is it we are going to do?  We are going to raise your awareness from the depths, raise your consciousness of your thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

Why are we doing this?  We need to increase your insight, your self-knowledge and establish or re-establish trust and connection with your intuition.  Discover patterns and motivational forces and shed light on sources of emotional difficulty.

How are we going to do that!?  We are going to break some long-held stereotypes and belief patterns, shifting them to healthier ones and change your responses to internal and external influences and triggers.

The What is Awareness…Attention vs Neglect

They Why is Insight…Understanding vs Being Stuck

The How is Behavior Change…Advancement vs Sameness

I’m so excited to get started!

xx Lynn

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