In the starting stage, you have decided to change your behavior, and will begin to explore and test how to do so, with small steps.

I want to stop feeling so stuck, but I’m just not ready yet!  I wonder if I have the courage to do this…

You know that you have a problem and are thinking about solving it, but you are struggling with a general “why me” feeling, You are just having trouble and are anxious about what will happen. You are pretty sure that one day, maybe soon you are going to quit.

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Course Instructor

Lynn Lynn Author

I help people understand themselves better, make sense of their feelings, and learn from resentments and disappointments by using a heart-centered and holistic approach. We all want to live an authentic and fulfilling life...sometimes we just need a little help. Two of our most basic needs are to be connected and to feel loved. Without these, we feel a lack of purpose and isolated. When we feel alone, disconnected and insecure, we’re filled with negative thoughts and feelings of guilt and shame. Left unattended and unvalidated, these feelings take root, growing into resentments and increasingly unhealthy behaviors. If we lack positive feelings about ourselves it's difficult to trust, communicate and feel safe in the world.



Before You Start

Revisiting Commitment

Write Down Your Goals

Build A Support System

Collect Information

Make a Changable Change Plan

Start by Having Fun Without Your Drug or Behavior 

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