Understanding Your Emotions & Feelings

In this free course, you will explore beginning a way to unearth long-buried feelings.

Many of us avoid feeling our feelings because we worry that feeling them will be more painful than just pretending they don’t exist. Or we assume they’ll simply skulk away (and stay away permanently).

However, according to therapist and author Tina Gilbertson, LPC, in her book Constructive Wallowing: How to Beat Bad Feelings By Letting Yourself Have Them, “You let feelings ‘go’ by feeling them fully. Once they’re felt, they can leave.”

Of course, feeling painful feelings can be just that: painful. So it’s totally understandable that we want to avoid them. As Gilbertson writes, avoiding pain is natural.

“It’s the main reason, for example, that we don’t willingly bend our knees or elbows backward. Pain is Nature’s way of warning us about things that are not good for us.”

Emotional pain, she writes, is like physical pain: It warns us that something is wrong. It communicates what’s important to us, how our lives are going and whether we need to change course.

“But the pain itself is not wrong; it’s only the messenger. When we refuse to (w)allow in our emotional pain, we’re not avoiding trouble, we’re shooting the messenger who’s bringing news of trouble. And if we shoot the messenger, it’s not going to keep delivering clear messages.”

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Lynn Lynn Author

I help people understand themselves better, make sense of their feelings, and learn from resentments and disappointments by using a heart-centered and holistic approach. We all want to live an authentic and fulfilling life...sometimes we just need a little help. Two of our most basic needs are to be connected and to feel loved. Without these, we feel a lack of purpose and isolated. When we feel alone, disconnected and insecure, we’re filled with negative thoughts and feelings of guilt and shame. Left unattended and unvalidated, these feelings take root, growing into resentments and increasingly unhealthy behaviors. If we lack positive feelings about ourselves it's difficult to trust, communicate and feel safe in the world.

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