Episode 67: Addictionology: An Interview with Dr. Shonali Saha

May 13, 2019

This Episode

You Will Learn

  • Her journey to becoming an Addictionologist
  • What is an addictionologist
  • Why see an addictionologist?
  • How she works with patients
  • Acknowledging the spectrum of substance use, treatment, and care
  • Medication management for “rebels and outlaws”
  • The 5 pillars of chronic illness treatment

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Episode 67: Addictionology: An Interview with Dr. Shonali Saha

Dr. Shonali Saha is a board-certified addiction medicine specialist and internist. She completed primary care/internal medicine residency at Cambridge Health Alliance of Harvard Medical School. She completed fellowships in both addiction and adolescent medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She currently educates medical students, residents, and faculty on addiction medicine as an adjunct assistant professor at both the Emory and Morehouse Schools of Medicine.

Dr. Saha is not only a doctor but also a certified yoga instructor. She combines meditation and medication to optimize evidence-based treatment to her patients and their families.

Dr. Saha practices social medicine. Her company contributes to organizations fighting for justice for those affected by the War on Drugs in the southern United States. She works with both the Georgia Society of Addiction Medicine and The American Society of Addiction Medicine legislative committee to encourage lawmakers to approach substance use disorders as a health and not a legal issue.

So, What Is an Addictionologist?

Also known as an “addiction medicine physician,” an addictionologist is a physician that specializes in the providing of medical care for anyone with a substance use disorder. They take into account the full spectrum of addiction (bio-psycho-social) rather than just the behavioral or spiritual aspects such as with 12 step programs or narcotics anonymous.

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