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We often search for months or years for the way to make sense of drinking or using.

We can lose valuable time and often make our problems worse. 

We get overwhelmed and impatient

There is too much information

We don’t know who to trust

We jump at an offer or promise for the easy, quick or simple way

Often returning to frustration, return to use and ongoing self-hatred and abuse  


What if you could get professional and reliable information, guidance and education in one location?

Supporting you to make the right decisions for YOU?


The SoberSoul Recovery School for Women 

Guided by

My Exclusive Recovery Roadmap!

A SoberSoul Recovery School Exclusive, The Recovery Roadmap reflects both my life and counseling education, wisdom, practice, and experience. You will be able to explore each of the four stages of the Roadmap through individual courses designed to take you, step by step, through a process of self-discovery to give you a clear path to a sustainable and healthier way of living the life you desire and deserve. 


The aim of this stage is to gain the education, information, and motivation to help you make a forward movement toward some kind of decision.


The aim of this stage is to begin taking small and supported steps to put your plan into action.


The aim of this stage is practicing and learning what works and what doesn’t, for you!


The aim of this stage is to understand, manage and act on your needs, as you live your life.

See a sample of the courses, workshops, videos & worksheets below!

Becoming a student of The SoberSoul Recovery School will help you:

Stop beating yourself up and find ways to live a life without overusing alcohol or drugs.

Unlock your subconscious mind and discover why you drink too much, and what you can do about it. 

Get the right information and learn the best tools to create small shifts and “doable” changes necessary for holistic mental and physical wellness. 

Kind Words From Clients and Listeners


Lynn, you are extremely good at what you do!

It’s rare to find a person with the right mix of intuition, the ability to hold people accountable and compassion. When I think of Lynn Matti, this quote comes to mind…

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of”


I wish I could explain how much I appreciate you!

You have been a huge part of my recovery and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you! It is crazy how much you have impacted me in such a short time! Every time I hear Prince I’ll think you…oh, and for introducing me to the “B” word!

Thanks, thanks and more thanks!

Thank you Lynn for your support, direction, advice and instruction this past year. It has been a rough journey at times, but I am so content and happy with this new reality. Your challenging and encouraging me has made a big impact and I appreciate it so much.

Lynn, it's my two year note of "thank you"...

for you help teaching me the sobriety path. I won’t soon forget when you talked me off the cliff when I was ready to leave…

5 Stars

Lynn has a great modern approach to sobriety. She articulates her feelings in a very understanding and authentic manner.

Thank you for sharing your gift of recovery...

…with the world.  Excellent information. Helpful for anyone with addiction in the family. Great tips and downloads to share with those you love.

A true, true professional!!!

True heart and caring for all of us and all of our struggles. Truth is sharing and humility. Truth in inviting us to believe in our own abilities and allowing us to find our own personal way to get and stay sober, but mostly, to live a life of freedom from those circumstances that sometimes drag us down.


I look forward each week to Lynn’s wisdom.  She has a novel approach and I always come away with useful info!  She is guiding me on the road to a sober life!

So gifted!

I love Lynn Matti’s straightforward, no-nonsense, neurobiological, psychosocial, approach to addiction and life. She tackles painful challenges while making you laugh at the same time. She is instrumental in my recovery.

My name is Lynn Matti and I am a Licensed Counselor trained and an experienced Addiction Specialist.

I know first-hand what it is like to lose myself to a substance like alcohol or a medication like Xanax. In July of 2010, I took my last drink and drug because it was my time and I wanted a different life. For 26 years I numbed myself to those feelings we all dread, anxiety, depression, worry, all of it.  What I didn’t know is that as my numbing progressed, I was only making things worse, because when we cannot numb the bad stuff without numbing the good stuff too. 

Whether you are still using, curious about changing, new to sober life or behavior change or maintaining your recovery, you can take steps to become the person you were meant to be, to live with purpose and become your most genuine self. 

Are you…

Tired of hangovers, regrets, and Googling?  
Not into traditional methods like AA or NA?  
Wish someone could understand?

Do you remember your life before over drinking or too many drugs?

Before waking up and thinking, “what did I do?”, trying to piecing together fragments and looking for rational reasons for your memory loss?

Before the anxiety and frustration of not being able to control how much or how often your drink or drug?

Before making endless deals with yourself to be “good” and the “shoulding” and shaming yourself when your “bad”?

The Problem

  • We procrastinate and wait way too long to course correct our drinking or drugging behaviors.
  • We look at alcohol or the drug as the problem and focus on quitting. 
  • We want a quick way or “fix” to change our habits or behaviors. 

The Solution

  • If you are here, you are worried and now is the time to make the changes before things get worse. 
  • Most of us can and do stop, for a time.  Knowing why we numb ourselves is the key to true transformation.  
  • We are complex and highly individual beings.  We must educate ourselves and learn how to change ourselves.

With a Wide Variety of Ways to Learn :

Recovery Roadmap

A guide & roadmap mini-course for each stage of your recovery journey.

The Library

Mini and signature courses, workshops, curated videos, movies, quick wins, meditations and more.



Worksheets for Your Recovery Map Stage or what interests you.


Share inspiration, connect and discuss with women you can relate to.

A Sample of The Recovery School Content

New additions weekly!

Courses and Mini-Courses

  • Planning Your Recovery
  • Starting Your Recovery
  • Sleep Retraining Using CBT
  • Know Your Brain: The Reward System
  • Is Addiction Really a Disease?
  • What is Trauma? An Introduction to ACE’s
  • Emotional Regulation in Early Recovery
  • What is DBT?
  • DBT Skills

Video Interviews & Workshops:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique with Veronica Valli
  • Retrain Your Brain Workshop with Lynn Matti
  • Olivia Pennelle & Lynn Matti on Defining Your Own Recovery
  • Kelly Kitley and Lynn Matti on Binge & Daily Drinking and Recov

Video Interviews & Workshops:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique with Veronica Valli
  • Retrain Your Brain Workshop with Lynn Matti
  • Olivia Pennelle & Lynn Matti on Defining Your Own Recovery
  • Kelly Kitley and Lynn Matti on Binge & Daily Drinking and Recovery

Quick Wins:

  • Do I Have a Drinking Problem?
  • Brene Brown: Blame
  • Brene Brown: Empathy vs Sympathy
  • Eckhart Tolle: Ego vs Healthy Self Esteem
  • Pleasure Unwoven Film Synopsis


  • Letting Go of Fear
  • Crystal Bowl Chakras
  • Listening Deeply


What makes The Recovery School so very different?


Professional Expertise

Training and experience when teaching and helping others with mental health and wellness issues do matter.  Lynn has an advanced Masters degree in counseling with over 6000 hours of supervised training and direct (in person) work experience with clients.


8 Years of Recovery

Where others may teach unproven theories or rely solely on their own experience. Here you will find a successful combination of the both. Learn what has worked with thousands of clients in a treatment setting and from the daily trenches of living sober.


No B.S. Allowed

No overblown hype, oversimplifying or quick fix/easy results. Just straight talk, honest, proven and practical advice.  Lynn works with you to learn and change, in a true and genuine way.

Why do most people fail to moderate, get sober or stay sober longterm?

The Missing Piece of Mental Health Wellness

I have learned not only what works for people, but equally important, what does not work.  So many programs, courses, and approaches are incomplete. Most people suffering from overuse of substances have accompanying anxiety or depression. A major report by Columbia University found that the vast majority of available treatments use methods that aren’t even close to evidence-based (meaning not shown with studies to be helpful). Most of the people offering online addiction/recovery help are simply not equipped with the knowledge, skills, or credentials necessary to provide the full range of effective options for a healthy long-term recovery.

About Our Rates

My goal of having over 100 courses, mini-courses, quick wins, worksheets and many other types of content on The Recovery School has finally been reached!  I add new content every single week.  My intention is to forever keep the tuition for The SoberSoul Recovery School at a reasonable and accessible rate for those not ready or unable to access more costly ways of getting help for overusing unhealthy behaviors.

The price reflects my personal time and effort in building and adding weekly to the school along with this intention.  

Have some Questions?

Do I have to be abstinent from alcohol and drugs to be a member?

No. The only requirement is that you are willing to explore and learn options for a better life for yourself. This is not about anyone asking or demanding you change.  However, becoming a member of The SoberSoul Recovery School and community does mean you are ready to be open, honest and willing to do the work of change.

Do I need to use my real name?

No. We understand that anonymity can be of great importance as you begin this journey of exploration or if you simply want to protect yourself due to personal issues.  You can enter a first and last name of your choosing for display on your profile.  Additionally, each member is encouraged to be mindful and respectful of the spirit of the Recovery School community connection as a safe place in which to share motivation, strength, and compassion while we start and build our individual recovery paths.

Is this a replacement for addiction OutPatient or Residential treatment?

No, although the membership content and community interaction are based on the same information Lynn and other addiction professionals have used for years within outpatient and residential treatment centers, our mission is to be a supplement to, not a replacement for these services.  We do not offer any medical services.

What are the community guidelines?

The SoberSoul Recovery School and The Lounge community were created as a safe space for women only. Our core principles are kindness, compassion, honesty, and respect for every woman’s right to find and follow her own individualized pathway and patchwork of recovery. Anyone who wishes to join will be accepted and will remain in the group so long as they abide by a few simple house rules: no rudeness, no judgment, no shaming.  We will not tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic or other hateful sentiments in our Community or forums. We reserve the right to remove members who do not respect and adhere to our guidelines. In addition, we expect that everything that is shared within The SoberSoul Recovery Lounge remains confidential to those within the membership. The community will be guided by professionals with training in addiction and recovery and who have been sober and recovering for a minimum of 2 years. We follow group therapy based principles of not giving advice or suggestions, instead focusing on sharing what has worked for you.

  • Don’t try to solve other member’s problems for them.
  • Don’t blame or judge others.
  • Be respectful, even when you don’t agree with a person’s position or behavior.
  • Phrase your feedback so it is about your experience of the other person and not a judgment of how they are.
  • Ask for feedback when you need it, seek clarification and avoid becoming defensive or making excuses.
Do I have to participate in The Lounge?

While connection and community are essential parts of our lives and any sort of recovery, you are not required to be part of our online community.  However, we do highly recommend it!

When Will I have Access?

You should receive your onboarding email within minutes.  If at any time you have questions or concerns, please email me personally at  I am a one-woman operation, and will do my very best to respond quickly!

What if I have more questions?

I will answer any and all additional questions!  Drop a note to! If at any time you have questions or concerns, please email me personally at  I am a one-woman operation, and will do my very best to respond quickly!

What if the membership is not for me, can I get a refund?

Yes!  For the monthly membership, you may cancel at any time inside the settings on your member profile.  You may receive a full refund for both the annual and monthly memberships within 14 days of your sign up by writing an email to

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