Episode #3: Lynn’s Story Part 1: Why Did I Drink for So Long?

Mar 30, 2018

This Episode

You Will Learn


  • The changing nature of how we cope with daily life and how it impacted my substance use.
  • How cultural influence impacts how quickly people develop problematic use & tolerance of substances.
  • A simple and useful exercise to start making decisions about how you want and need to interact with the people in your life.

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In this week’s episode, Lynn shares what drives many of us to drinking, drugging and other behaviors which may begin as positive, but turns into a day to day problem and ends badly.  Identifying that many of us are drinking and numbing more than other before.  She examines the changing perceptions by our society of how alcohol and other numbing agents and behaviors are a “practical, sexy, sophisticated” lifestyle. The workshop technique for this episode is “The Hula Hoop Perspective” a visual exercise around who you let close to you.  She shares her journey through awareness, insight and chosen behavior change from a negative to a much more positive life.

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