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Here’s the deal: 


If you are here, you are likely drinking, using too much, or need to control things. 

You want to stop but just can’t seem to do it for any length of time.

Or, you have stopped, but…

You still struggle with fears and blocks that are keeping you from living the way you really want to.

You wrangle with overthinking things, and at times feel really stuck trying to make the right decision.

You long for clarity and certainty to follow your own path, fully in touch with yourself…you feel like there should be more.

More joy, more peace, more confidence, more fun, more pleasure.

You want your life to flow with ease.

You want life to be magical.

You want to know the secret sauce and move on.

You have tried a few (or many) other “methods”.

But, you are here.

It’s o.k., I get it.  I have been where you are. 

Do you want to know what turned me around at age 46?

First, I knew I had to become abstinent from the mind and soul-numbing drugs and behaviors. 

But, (because you have probably tried that, right?)

I also had this deeply quiet feeling that I couldn’t keep trying to teach and “do it” myself.

Because no matter how badly I wanted it to, it wasn’t working.

My gut told me that I had more to heal than just my use of alcohol and drugs.

I had to find a teacher, a guide to help me learn about what happened to me and why.

To claim my sobriety with sustainable skills and do the hard work of creating an intuitive based life necessary for long-term Recovery.

Because I wanted to trust myself again…really probably for the first time.

But, I also felt I wasn’t worth it, so I needed someone else to trust that I was.

Someone to hold the hope for me and teach me how to do it for myself.  

That is what I now do for others.



For you.

You are worth it, to me. 


What is IntuitiveSoul Self Coaching?

A reactivation of your inner-tutor (in-tuition) learning to reopen the direct pathway to your wise self and connect to ancient wisdom.  While to some this may sound a wee bit woohooy, science supports what I teach. Oh, and contrary to popular belief, your thoughts and worries are not your intuition.

Most of us learn to override our gut feelings and hence numb out our intuitive self-wisdom with angst and seemingly helpful nonsense (addictive behaviors and surrounding ourselves with peeps who support them). 

This is a program designed for clients who want lasting change.

You can join The Recovery School, take individual courses, join in group coaching or treat yourself to private coaching. 

Here is what is possible by learning to Intuitively Coach Yourself:


  1. Become gentle with and quiet your loud, intrusive negative thoughts. 
  2. Listen intently to the soft wise voice of your soul.
  3. Learn and practice ways to cope for a lifetime
  4. Make peace with the past, present, and future you.
  5. Feel ok to challenge those things others wish to impose on you.
  6. Respect your full spectrum of emotions & feelings.
  7. Honor your needs in ways which allow you to get them met.
  8. Nurture, evolve and thrive without turning to numbing substances or behaviors.

Do you want to join and change your way of living?

Are you ready to invest in your SoberSoul?

Here’s how it works…

Choose an option that best fits your needs right now.

Are you willing to invest… In You?

School with Intensive Private Coaching

Monthly Payment of
  • Access to The Recovery School
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Q & A’s
  • Unlimited email support (with boundaries)
  • 4 Hour long private sessions via Zoom
  • 2-month commitment required 



I’m so pleased that you are here and want to schedule a Free Explore Session.


Why do I provide this complimentary 30-minute session?

  • Because this stuff is hard and I care.

  • You can ask me any question with no judgment and get an honest, informed answer.

  • You will get clarity about your current situation and your goals for working with me.

  • You will be clear about whether or not you’d like to commit to working with me further.

  • You will feel some relief from beginning the building of our connection.

  • You are ready to commit time and financially to your transformation but have lingering questions. 

I ask you to respect that these complimentary calls are reserved for people who are willing, ready and able to commit to true transformation.



How Coaching With Lynn Works.

The key to your success is your motivation.  We begin by defining what is motivating you to change and why. Creating an understanding based on honesty, openness,  and willingness.

We’ll uncover the source of your unproductive patterns, release shame, guilt, & insecurity by finding community, acceptance, awareness, safety, and room to breath.

How we learn to communicate impacts every part of physical and emotional wellbeing.  We take an assessment of your style of communication and find the right skills to get you heard & validated.

Going deeper is often the missing piece of the puzzle for overcoming problematic behaviors. Giving you tools without the “why” behind them is often unproductive.

What are your ideas, hopes, dreams, and goals?  Together we will mindmap your core values, desires and current life circumstances formulating a plan of action to get them into alignment.


Authentic change happens when you no longer hope for a better past.  Together we start with awareness, building insight and practicing the tools to master your inner & outer lives.


With a trained and experienced mental health professional. 

Many of us stop drinking, using or behaving in unhealthy ways, yet continue to cling to patterns which cause us to struggle and to be unhappy.

I can help you create a life in which you:

  • Make better decisions
  • Spend less time struggling
  • Create a solid foundation
  • Define a pathway and a plan
  • Reconnect with yourself and others
  • Focus on what you do well
  • Believe in yourself again
  • Shift your mindset
  • Move from chaos to contentment and peace

What is Psychotherapy informed coaching and why is it important for those with substance issues?

About 20 percent of Americans with an anxiety or mood disorder such as depression have an alcohol or other substance use disorder, and about 20 percent of those with an alcohol or substance use disorder also have an anxiety or mood disorder.

That is a lot of us.

Most Coaches are not trained as psychotherapists, do not understand how to work with mood disorders, unconscious feelings or other arising issues and are unethically operating outside of their “scope of practice” if coaching you along these lines.

The nature of the unconscious…is that it is unconscious and can house many buried and painful issues. Most coaches are not trained to navigate psychodynamics or elicit, resolve and integrate trauma, repressed emotions and subconscious beliefs.

Because of my intense training both in these areas but also ethics in practice, I am able to integrate these important dynamics into our work together.

The inner world directs the outer world. Change on one level requires change on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. 

Which is why I also offer you a

CUSTOMIZED PROTOCOL drawing from a wide range of tools and approaches (that I am actually trained/certified in and have used with many other clients) depending on your presenting issues and desired goals. Walk away with specific exercises, homework assignments and mental-emotional skills to build. 

What brings you here today?

  • Have you used a substance to cope with your feelings and relationships, your life and continue to experience the same patterns over and over again?
  • Wondering why overcoming this is so difficult for you when you do well in so many other areas of life?
  • Spending a lot of time thinking about drinking or using or NOT drinking or using?
  • Finding excuses to drink or use a drug and then not being able to stop once you start?
  • Often dishonest with your family, friends and even yourself about how much or often you drink or use?
  • Hiding your drinking/using or desire to drink/use?
  • Avoiding certain people because they have expressed concern about you?
The world of online sobriety and recovery is a bit like the Wild Wild West right now, full of exaggerated claims and promises, converting research into “snake oil” cures and little oversight to protect people who are suffering and searching for answers.
Lynn Matti, The Sober Therapist

My sweet little counseling office in Peachtree City, GA

I help women and men who desire true longterm, sustainable life transformation.

Only the real deal from someone who has been where you are and now has 8 1/2 years of continuous sobriety and a truly healthy, content and happy life in recovery. I became a counselor after reaching 2 years of solid and engaged sobriety, went on to get an advanced masters degree, learned from and worked with the best at Hazelden Betty Ford and other international mentors, and have actually worked face to face, in person with hundreds of real live clients individually and in group therapy.  I incorporate well researched and tested evidence-based techniques that are personalized to your situation and goals all of which I am trained in and have taught as a professional counselor.

Professionally trained, ethical, licensed, certified and approved to teach, coach, counsel and help others using techniques, skills, resources, and information that is researched, accurate, tested and up to date!

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