Episode #95: Why We Worry and Ruminate and Ways To Do It Less!

This EpisodeYou Will LearnResources & Links Lynn on Instagram Lynn on Pinterest Worry and rumination are forms of persistent negative thinking. They involve a predominance of verbal thoughts and can be likened to a negative...

Getting sober is just the beginning!

Feel Better. Live Well. Be Free.

I am excited to announce my first book is now available!

Practice self confidence—produce a more satisfying life

Self confidence and self-esteem shape how we live and view the world—when balanced, our relationships, communication, and daily lives are at their best. This guide to self confidence provides supportive tools to help you take charge of your feelings and overcome doubt on your journey to self-worth, trust, and awareness.

Measure your progress to self confidence using five weeks’ worth of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) sessions. Learn how to set realistic goals, build a strong foundation, and let your true potential shine as you discover how to understand and quiet your inner critic on the path to self-acceptance.

This book of self confidence includes:

  • Thought transformations—Identify the areas that need the most attention through insightful quizzes and activities.
  • Take five—Create lasting mental-wellness throughout five weeks of ACT and CBT sessions.
  • Real-life reflection—Apply these new skills with easy self-image improving exercises.

Renew a commitment to yourself and live the life you want with self confidence—all it takes is 5 weeks.

I offer a modern, accessible, and empowering pathway to sustainable lifelong recovery.

We are drinking, using drugs, worshipping busyness more than ever before.


To numb our STRESS!

Why are we so stressed?

Because we feel the need to take advantage of and be perfect at all of the options available to us. 

Because we fear not being accepted and liked

Because we feel responsible for everything and everyone

Because we equate alone time with depression and selfishness.

Because we are unwilling and/or unable to prioritize our needs over anyone else’s

And guess what?

There are 5 traits that lead to addiction and lack of mental wellbeing.


People Pleasing



Low Self-Esteem


Which is why so many of us who think just quitting or changing our mindset about alcohol or drugs will set us free.


When we are really looking for more than that.


We want:


To feel strong and “good enough” no matter what life throws at us

To speak up when we need to articulate our needs.


To ask for support and feel safe being supported.
To trust our intuition and quiet our inner-critic.
To connect with honesty and spiritually with ourselves
To be a confident woman supported by strong self-esteem.
This is what is possible with IntuitiveSoul Coaching.
Mental wellness transformation requires more than a new mindset…are you ready?



I teach you how to trust yourself.

Illuminate and clarify what you need and want from your daily life.

I teach you how to feel good.

Learn the necessary skills and how to sustain your practice of them. 

I teach you how to take more action with less fear.

Experience more joy, peace, contentment, fun and authentic self-esteem.

Hi, I’m Lynn

I changed my life when I was 46 years old.

“When people ask me ‘should I be concerned about my drinking/drug use?, I tell them when alcohol or drugs become your friend, what you turn to when you are stressed or happy or to numb your pain.  Once you establish this friendship, it is firmly on the path of becoming a poisonous partnership.  These unhealthy partnerships are most often used to mask unresolved pain”


Lynn Matti, The Sober Therapist, Advanced Master Professional Counselor & Coach, Creator of SoberSoul Recovery, Host of The SoberSoul Recovery Podcast, Curriculum Curator at The Recovery School.

I am a woman in healthy sustained long-term recovery since July 2010.

IntuitiveSoul Coaching

First, we amp up your Intuition, your awareness self-listening skills and teach you to become more aware of what you truly want and need. 

Second, we increase your attention and insight into your “why”. Why are you are overdoing things (alcohol, drugs, working, caretaking) What subconsciously drives all of your daily activities and motivates you?

Third, we sooth, we take action based on your internal guidance system, the very inner intelligence you have been numbing. 



I teach people to listen intently and learn deeply in order to discover their needs, meaning and true purpose in life.

Learn about my IntuitiveSoul Program

It’s about your Soul, not just a goal.


Lynn, you are extremely good at what you do!

It’s rare to find a person with the right mix of intuition, the ability to hold people accountable and compassion. When I think of Lynn Matti, this quote comes to mind…

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of”


I wish I could explain how much I appreciate you!

You have been a huge part of my recovery and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you! It is crazy how much you have impacted me in such a short time! Every time I hear Prince I’ll think you…oh, and for introducing me to the “B” word!

Lynn is a gifted therapist.

She challenges the way I approach my own recovery and gives me ideas on ways I can grow.  Highly recommend.  Give it a go no matter what you’re recovering from.

Thanks, thanks and more thanks!

Thank you Lynn for your support, direction, advice and instruction this past year. It has been a rough journey at times, but I am so content and happy with this new reality. Your challenging and encouraging me has made a big impact and I appreciate it so much.

Lynn, it's my two year note of "thank you"...

for you help teaching me the sobriety path. I won’t soon forget when you talked me off the cliff when I was ready to leave…

5 Stars

Lynn has a great modern approach to sobriety. She articulates her feelings in a very understanding and authentic manner.

Thank you for sharing your gift of recovery...

…with the world.  Excellent information. Helpful for anyone with addiction in the family. Great tips and downloads to share with those you love.

A true, true professional!!!

True heart and caring for all of us and all of our struggles. Truth is sharing and humility. Truth in inviting us to believe in our own abilities and allowing us to find our own personal way to get and stay sober, but mostly, to live a life of freedom from those circumstances that sometimes drag us down.


I look forward each week to Lynn’s wisdom.  She has a novel approach and I always come away with useful info!  She is guiding me on the road to a sober life!

So gifted!

I love Lynn Matti’s straightforward, no-nonsense, neurobiological, psychosocial, approach to addiction and life. She tackles painful challenges while making you laugh at the same time. She is instrumental in my recovery.

Hi, I’m Lynn

Why work with me?

When I decided to change my relationship with alcohol and anxiety medication, I sought help from people with professional training, mental health education, and real-life experience.  My desire was to have someone who had formal education and training to teach me how to work through my anxiety, depression and learn mental wellness skills. In 2010, the only choice I had was to go to residential or outpatient treatment. I want to change that!

Working with me is much different as I am fully trained and currently licensed to work all mental health issues.  Someone who is a coach with no degree in counseling (an undergraduate in psychology is not the same thing) does not have the education or experience to work with the underlying obstacles which often coexist with substance use their client’s goal such as depression, anxiety,  or other mental health challenges. 

I am loudly passionate about this because it matters.

There is much misinformation published regarding the differences between coaching and counseling, especially from the perspective of a coach. This was a contributing factor in why I created SoberSoul Recovery, to offer recovery and life coaching with a licensed mental health professional. 

Here are the facts. 

Psychotherapist (also referred to as counselors and therapists) are trained in coaching techniques. This is why I exclusively practice evidence-based forms of therapy. “Directive” forms of therapy include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and others. These approaches do offer people concrete strategies for growth and change, translating well to coaching clients.

Most Coaches are not trained as psychotherapists, are not monitored or required to have any training or education in coaching at all. There are some respected training programs, but literally, anyone can call themselves a “Coach” and go into business as such with no oversight.  Working with the unconscious mind, long-held fears and any kind of trauma should not be done with someone with little or no formal training and supervised practice.  To be “informed” is rarely enough.  It’s a better idea to work with someone who is currently licensed (in addition to their coaching practice) to ensure you are getting the best care and advice. Even certified coaches have had little education around how to identify depression, anxiety, etc and miss when they should be referring to a counselor or more highly trained coach.

A coach, author, or other helpers should not be advising you about or “treating” your mental health issues anxiety, depression or trauma beyond helpful tips for coping.  If they are practicing “out of scope” it is highly unethical. Unfortunately, due to improper training, most coaches aren’t even aware of this and can do more harm than good. 


My powerful, effective, evidence-based coaching (based on the principles of counseling) offers you a peaceful path to clarity, contentment and getting your needs met.  I use effective, action-oriented, and positive approaches that help you get results. Through solution-focused coaching, based on your needs. the tools that work for you with guidance and support to build the life you deserve!

Located in Portland, OR, Olivia Pennelle (Liv) is an experienced writer, journalist, and coach. She is the founder of the popular site Liv’s Recovery Kitchen, a site dedicated to helping people flourish in their recovery. Liv is passionate about challenging limiting mentalities and empowering others to direct their own lives, health, and recovery. You can find her articles across the web on sites including, Ravishly, STAT News, The Fix,, and Workit Health. Liv was recently featured in VICE.
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We seek to challenge long-held beliefs, debunk myths, test false promises, and give you up to date and sometimes uncomfortable facts about moderation, abstinence, sobriety, and recovery from substances and other mental health issues. 

Lynn Matti, MA, LPCC, is a Person-Centered and Cognitive Behavioral Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Addiction/Sobriety/Recovery Coach, advocate and leader who teaches online and in person at the intersection of resilience, courage, and hope. Known for her quirkiness, wisdom, and authenticity she brings professionally and personally tested, interesting, fun practices and perspectives to her individual clients and group endeavors.  In addition to creating and running all that is SoberSoul Recovery, Lynn has a thriving private practice in Peachtree City, Georgia.

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